Ceramics and Plastics Machining

Machining Advanced Ceramics & Performance Plastics 

Hard Grinding of Ceramics International Ceramic Engineering is an expert at diamond grinding and green machining of advanced ceramic materials. We also specialize in the custom fabrication of Performance Plastics. Our machinists have experience and specific skills to meet your toughest advanced material requirements. We excel at producing complicated geometries and unique components at reduced costs. Our team of experts will assist you with the most cost effective design to ensure efficient and timely delivery of your advanced ceramic or performance plastic components.

We provide the following advanced ceramic and performance plastic machining services:

  • Hard Grinding
  • Outside Diameter Machining
  • Inside Diameter MachiningHard Grinding of Ceramics
  • Surface Grinding
  • Ultra Sonic Holes
  • Ultra Sonic Milling
  • Cones & Tapers
  • Spherical Radius Grinding
  • Finest Blade and Edge Sharpness
  • Taping Services
  • Honing Services
  • Angle Grinding
International Ceramic Engineering can also clean, flame polish, glaze, tumble, anneal and heal fire your advanced ceramic components as required.